Pre-Marital Planning

In addition to the experience in the traditional areas of wills, trusts and wealth preservation planning, the attorneys at Altman & Associates are experienced in the negotiation and preparation of prenuptial agreements.

Preparing for the future by considering all the possibilities - a marriage is a legal arrangement between two people. As a savvy business person, you wouldn’t enter into a business contract without a clear arrangement for the rights and responsibilities of each party upon termination. Why would you treat one of the most important contracts you will ever make any different?  Not everyone needs a prenuptial agreement, but if you have children from a prior marriage or significant separate property that you are bringing into the marriage, you should strongly consider preparing an agreement.

No one ever expects their marriage to end in divorce, but one in every two marriages will.  For those of you who have experienced divorce or death of a spouse you know just how difficult and complicated it can be to sort out the details.  Mr. Altman considers pre-marital planning as the ultimate expression of love and devotion that two people entering into marriage can do for one another. By creating an effective prenuptial agreement, the attorneys at Altman & Associates can help you to establish the terms of any separation at a time when you and your spouse have a strong and loving relationship in a kind and gentle manner.  Prenuptial agreements are designed to control most of the financial matters between spouses and can help you to address the matters such as alimony and property division when you are on good terms. Prenuptial agreements can also reduce the expensive legal fees associated with divorce and can preserve your assets for your heirs.

Any couple can benefit from a premarital agreement, however, they are extremely important for couples entering into second marriages.  Couples may include provisions for estate planning, such as their assets are distributed directly to children of their first marriages, at their death.  The agreements can also ensure financial steps taken prior to the second marriage, such as a college savings plans, can continue after marriage.  Since prenuptial agreements are voluntary, it is best to have the agreement completed and signed several weeks in advance of the wedding so that no spouse can later argue they were coerced.  In blended families, when a person dies, it is important to avoid the confusion over which assets will go to the deceased heirs and which assets go to the survivors heirs. Otherwise, members of your family may end up in court to challenge the rights of heirs and in worst case scenarios, your heir could end up being disinherited in favor of your spoouse’s heirs.

Committed to maintaining true client service our attorneys’ pride themselves on the pursuit of innovative and imaginative techniques as part of the overall estate planning process. Further, our attorneys and clients have access to wide ranging resources in regards to pre and post-marital planning laws.

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